7 best conference call services for your small business in 2021

Let’s talk about Conference Call, presenting the best services currently available in the commercial segment.

Whether you have a large team that needs to meet every day (sometimes even several times a day), or you need to have one-on-one meetings with customers, conference calls are a must for you.

Moreover, if you have used some teleconferencing services so far, or have done a lot of online shopping so far, then you may encounter over-promises and under-delivered “solutions.”

Maybe it is not included with the mobile app. (These days, when so many businesses are operating in a hurry, this is crucial. Perhaps you may have to pay too much for tools that perform only minimally. (More on this later…)

Maybe you have discovered that, for some reason, it doesn’t bring the little things that make your life easier (such as integration with a calendar application). Some teleconferencing services are more suitable for small businesses than others.

So what is the right tool for you? (If you are looking for a product with video capabilities, then we have also compiled the best video conferencing software.)

Below, we will segment the top seven conference call services for small businesses, and everyone should use:

1. Best conference call services: RingCentral

What is it?

RingCentral is your preferred platform for all things communication. RingCentral is not only a powerful conference call tool (we will introduce later), it also integrates traditional phone calls, video calls and messaging functions in one place, so that you and your team can use a communication tool and One way of communication works. Tools only:

RingCentral’s conference call feature allows you to contact up to 200 participants at once. If you want to turn a conference call into a video conference call, you can also perform screen sharing (so you don’t have to pay for additional screen sharing software) and public and private chats.

This means your attendees can easily view documents and answer questions in the chat box without disturbing the speaker.

Participants can join or host the meeting directly through their Internet browser, so no need to download other applications to take up computer or phone space.

Anyone can join immediately via the dial-in number provided in the invitation. In addition, there is a smart switching function that allows you to switch between devices-start a meeting on your phone, and then switch to the computer after using the computer:

Meetings conducted through RingCentral are also very secure-just add an optional password to all conference calls and you don’t have to worry about any uninvited guests.

You can also use the “single sign-on” feature, which allows your participants to log in to RingCentral quickly and easily using their company credentials (this reduces the time they spend typing passwords).

Because RingCentral has created an all-in-one workspace that is basically a team collaboration center, calls can be made seamlessly before and after the conference call. Using team messaging, you can even follow up with participants after the call and provide action items or notes:

Best conference call services: RingCentral

What does it cost?

The price of RingCentral depends on the number of users you have and the features you need. The plan starts at the “Basic” level-billed at $19.99 per user per month per year.

At this price, you can access up to 20 users in the United States and Canada, company calls and toll-free calls, team messages, voice mail to text, and unlimited business SMS and calls.

For additional features, you can be billed annually to upgrade to the standard plan at a price of $24.99 per user per month. The plan can provide you with an unlimited number of users and unlimited audio conferences, and extend your possible conference duration to 24 hours (for those very long conferences).

The most popular option, RingCentral Premium, can provide you with the limelight of all conference calls if you pay annually, starting at $34.99. In addition to unlimited conference call participants, Premium also has automatic call recording, advanced call handling (so you can guide the team during the call), real-time analysis and more.

2. Best conference call services: Microsoft Teams

What is it?

A few years ago, Skype was the preferred service for video conferencing. Today, Microsoft has replaced Skype for business with Microsoft Teams. As the communication hub for Microsoft 365 users, Microsoft Teams enables users to easily switch between group chats and conference calls to achieve rapid collaboration and can accommodate up to 250 participants.

The Microsoft team handles audio and video calls in the same way, and can provide two functions according to the needs of participants. However, if you are hosting a meeting or planning a meeting, you need a designated audio conference line, which will cost you $4 (and RingCentral’s plan already includes this line).

Best conference call services: Microsoft Teams

After users register for the audio conference, they will receive an automatically assigned free phone number.

Microsoft Teams also has AI capabilities that can help filter out background noise during calls. Annoying sounds such as typing or barking dogs will be eliminated, which means fewer participants need to switch the mute button.

3. Conference call services: Webex

What is it?

Webex is Cisco’s conference call service. It allows you to host webinars, webcast large-scale virtual events, online learning, provide remote customer support, or have one-on-one conversations with team members.

Webex is another video-first platform with audio-only calling capabilities. When setting up a conference, toll-free or toll-free phone numbers allow participants to join pure audio, and the “Call Me” feature allows the conference line to call you directly, so you don’t have to worry about finding the appropriate conference call number or password.

Conference call services: Webex

Because Webex is a teleconference platform that focuses on video, many of its functions are related to video chat. Like many other teleconferencing tools on this list, Webex allows screen sharing, chatting, and connection via video. These can come in handy if you want to meet with large groups of people or host virtual events.

4. Join.me

What is it?

The focus of Join.me is to create a simple communication platform for the team. The key word here is very simple. By withdrawing all the extra features that may make meetings more difficult to manage, Join.me is a simple, straightforward conference call service designed for daily use.

Join.me provides video conference and audio conference functions. Audio conference participants only need to dial a toll-free phone or toll-free phone number and enter a password, and video participants can join without downloading any applications or software, which makes it easy for participants outside your company to use the application infrequently Participants.

Advanced audio features include local meeting numbers in the United States and more than 50 countries, audio controls for the meeting host, and the option to join via telephone or the Internet.

By bridging the audio conference, all participants can choose their preferred method of joining, and everyone will end up on the same line.

5. FreeConferenceCall.com

What is it?

FreeConferenceCall.com is very simple, it is a service that provides a completely free conference call service. You can host an audio or video conference with up to 1,000 participants.

The platform is free, but it still provides some of the more comprehensive meeting functions provided in other advanced services, including remote drawing tools, recording functions, private chat and screen sharing.

But, of course, if there are no certain restrictions, it will not be free. If you choose to use the completely free version, you will get a rather rudimentary experience.

Storage space is limited, so if you want to save call logs, you may run out of space soon. You also cannot provide a toll-free number, and you will need a new number for each call.

6. UberConference

What is it?

UberConference promises free video conferences without PIN or app downloads-this is a conference platform where attendees can instantly talk, video chat and share screens no matter where they are.

As another video-first conference tool, audio calling is second only to UberConference. However, they are easy to use-especially if you mostly just connect internally.

With UberConference’s instant conference call feature, you only need to dial in the UberConference number or share the UberConference URL to start the conference.

One of their biggest selling points is their voice intelligence system. With built-in AI technology, UberConference provides a complete, searchable transcription of your meeting at the end of each call.

This allows participants to focus on the discussion at hand without worrying about taking notes. UberConference’s AI can even recognize action items.

The platform will automatically generate reports that include next steps, links to call records, and other important details, so your team is under less pressure when making follow-up plans. Created for you:

UberConference can also make calls to participants who may be late or unable to join the conference. You can make a call to that person during a call and bring them into the conference call without waiting for everyone to join the call.

7. Vonage

Vonage is an enterprise cloud communications provider that provides flexible and scalable voice, messaging, video and data functions for small businesses and other enterprises.

Their products are divided into three main areas: communication API, unified communications and contact center. According to their unified communications plan, Vonage provides a variety of conference calls.

First of all, through the conference bridge function, you can connect up to 30 participants with just one button. Simply share a bridge number with participants, allow them to join, and then use the host dashboard to easily add or mute meeting participants.

For smaller conversations, you can use its teleconferencing feature, and the unified communications plan does not charge extra. This only supports three-way calling, but allows you to easily add other people to calls that have already taken place without having to set a new number and password.

Vonage also recently launched Vonage Meetings, a communication platform that enables team members to hold voice meetings, send SMS messages and schedule group meetings on one platform.

Although Vonage emphasizes the benefits of communication flexibility, its tools are only suitable for groups or people who need internal meetings.

The maximum number of meeting bridge calls is 30. If your team is large or you want to meet with multiple clients at the same time, you can quickly increase the number of people.

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