Hard drive data recovery experts

The Best Hard drive data recovery experts of 2021. We researched leading hard drive recovery services and chose our best option based on their customer service, turnaround time and recovery guarantee.

You may stare at the file icon with a question mark, or Windows may tell you that it has detected a “hard drive problem.” Maybe you accidentally deleted what you need now.

And you didn’t back up the files to the hard drive or cloud storage system, did you? We have been there.

For problems like this, first, stop the operation performed on the device where the file was lost, and then read the content on your phone or another computer. This may increase the chance of recovery.

See the best hard drive data recovery experts

After dozens of hours of research and evaluation of 10 companies, we believe that these Hard drive data recovery experts are most suitable for various business needs.

Secure Data Recovery Services: Best for RAID Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services is our best RAID recovery service, it is our choice-it can repair various data failures, including RAID server and hard drive failures.

The company has five laboratories in the United States, making data recovery a safe and fast process. Secure Data Recovery starts the recovery process by creating a physical copy of the failed disk and scanning it, using its dedicated software to view the contents of the drive, where the problem lies, and what can be recovered.

Even if the drive is completely unresponsive, a technician can open the drive, diagnose the problem and repair it frequently. In addition to burned drive boards, the company can usually use drives with stuck or burnt motors, worn or damaged read-write heads, and even damaged discs to fix the drives.

In addition to recovering data, the company also specializes in digital forensics hard disk inspection. It can bring back fragments or entire files that are believed to have been deleted, and is often helpful in providing evidence for litigation or investigation.

All repairs are carried out in an ISO 4 certified class 10 clean room, which means that dust in the air can be controlled and it is unlikely to further damage the internal parts of the drive.

In addition to obtaining the SSAE 18 certification for the service, you can also recover the data placed on a new drive and return it to you-or, to transfer the data faster, Secure Data Recovery can upload the data through a secure FTP site.

SecureRecovery for Windows is a software application designed to diagnose and repair storage software errors. It costs $79.99 and can be used with Windows XP, Windows 10 systems, and Server 2008 and 2012 drives to recover deleted files, damaged partitions and damaged files.

It also applies to FAT, HFS and HFS+, and NTFS file systems. Each recovery item is different; safe data recovery will provide you with an estimate based on the data you think is recoverable.

For example, extracting data from a 12TB drive with worn heads may cost $500 to $2,000. However, if less data is recovered, the company will revise its price estimate.

The service will keep encrypted copies of the recovered data on its servers for two weeks. After two weeks, your corporate data will be erased using a multi-channel shredder.

Secure Data Recovery is an approved contractor by the US General Services Administration and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Hard drive data recovery experts TIPS

Datarecovery.com: Best for Hard drive data recovery experts

Datarecovery.com is our best Hard drive data recovery experts because it has an excellent track record in recovering lost or deleted files from servers, laptops, desktops, and tablets; the company can even recover data from phones, flash drives and The RAID server recovers the lost data.

Datarecovery.com is unique in that each office (with four locations) has its own Class 100 clean room, which is as dust-free as the factory that manufactures the drives.

This is the best choice for solving hardware problems (such as burned motors, damaged platters, or worn-out heads), because in these cases, a clean environment is essential, because otherwise, particles in the air will damage the hardware. unable to repair.

If there is a software problem with the drive, its contents will be copied to a separate computer that is not connected to the Internet. The most advanced recovery software scans the disk for broken links, file allocation table problems, file corruption and other problems. After the hard work is done, the data will be transferred to the new drive and returned to you.

Can return the original (damaged) drive along with the new drive

Datarecovery.com can return the original (damaged) drive along with the new drive, safely destroy it or send it to the manufacturer for warranty. One month after the data was returned to you, Datarecovery.com erased your company’s files from its system.

In addition to traditional drives, the company can also resolve failures of solid-state devices, tape drives and RAID arrays. It is authorized to work with all major hard drive and RAID hardware manufacturers as well as Drobo’s Beyond RAID specification.

Datarecovery.com provides two service options. For its standard service, the typical logical failure cost may be between $500 and $1,000. Minor hardware issues can raise the cost to $1,500, and work involving disk damage will cost more.

Its priority service promises that most jobs require one to three days of turnaround time, but cost an extra $200. The fee for 24/7 service is US$500 and is suitable for emergencies.

DataRecovery.com has four locations in the United States; it provides 24/7 customer support. With its customer management system, Datarecovery.com technicians can view the status of the project, the position in the queue, and the cost of the job, so that you are always aware of each step. The service has been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and is a contractor approved by the Government Services Administration.

hard drive data recovery experts: prices

Many data recovery companies have no-data, no-charge policies. This means that if the device is so damaged and nothing can be recovered, there is no need to charge it.

This is great, but other Hard drive data recovery experts are pushing for a more transparent recovery sequence. These companies do not make a pre-estimation without checking the actual drive, but only tell you that the drive is full after you send it in and they have the opportunity to study it carefully.

Using this type of data recovery company requires a leap of faith and will bring some anxiety, but there is more certainty in the rest of the process.

Except for the most misused drives, all drives can usually recover some data. On the other hand, don’t expect to get every file back, especially for drives that are severely worn or damaged.

In other words, a good recovery company will extract an astonishing amount of data from a drive that it thinks has failed.

A simple software problem can cost hundreds of dollars, while a minor mechanical failure can cost thousands of dollars or more. Solving a major hardware problem and extracting its data can cost thousands of dollars, while a failed RAID array can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Remember, time is money.

In other words, ask yourself, how long can you bear without data? If the drive saves historical data or company policies, it may take a week or two. However, if it is an online order or your payroll, a few days seem to be eternal.

Recovering data from a typical software failure may take a day or two, while a minor hardware failure may take several days. A major hardware problem on a large-capacity drive may take a week or two to repair and extract its data.

If you need it yesterday, the restoration company can perform repairs and restoration work quickly. The company’s technicians will work around the clock, handing over equipment and data when shifts change.

In this way, it will work until the project is completed, and then you get the data back. However, this will cost you.

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